These last two years have been synonymous with challenge and resilience: in the face of the various crises we have experienced and the demanding situations we are still facing, many companies have demonstrated a strong commitment, significant mobilization, and a specific capacity to adapt.

These collective trials have led us to question how our supply chains operate. These questions have been reinforced by the difficulties related to the situation in Ukraine.

As such, contribute to the reflection on the resilience of the industrial sector, particularly in the event of supply chain disruptions, and take part in the European Cluster Collaboration Platform’s survey before June 6 to give voice to your own experience. This survey initiated by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform aims to identify solution-oriented approaches and prepare roadmaps for joint projects that address supply chain disruptions across Europe.

Resilience in the industry: the goal of the RESERVIST project

The European RESERVIST project, launched in June 2020, has the same objective: to ensure the mobilization of industrial players and the sector’s resilience to react quickly to crises. The ambition of RESERVIST is to set up action cells based on voluntary companies to act in case of an emergency within 48 hours and thus have a capacity to modify identified production lines to produce essential medical goods. The project results are intended to be replicated in other situations outside a health context.

You have experienced these disturbances and their solutions or wish to contribute to them: follow this project!