After three and a half years of dedicated effort, the RESERVIST project has reached its successful conclusion. The RESERVIST Final Event, held on Friday 12 May 2023, at the 10th European Conference on Protective Clothing in Arnhem, the Netherlands, proved to be an exceptional gathering of industry professionals and project participants.

The morning session of the conference, titled “Medical protection: innovation in production & respiratory protection,” set the stage for a series of enlightening presentations from several RESERVIST partners. Gertrude Kignelman from Centexbel, Bert Groenendaal from SIOEN, and Peter Hazendonk from Hospitainer shed light on the project’s results, testing and certification processes, the re-design of textile protective equipment for production via alternative lines, as well as the rapid deployment of emergency hospitals. Their insightful discussions provided attendees with valuable insights into the achievements of the RESERVIST project. Summary of RESERVIST partners’ presentations are available here (starting at page 139).

The afternoon session gave the opportunity to visit Hospitainer and explored the emergency hospital and other RESERVIST products. This experience allowed participants to witness the practical implications of the project’s outcomes, further solidifying their appreciation for the efforts put forth by the RESERVIST team.

The RESERVIST Final Event served as an invaluable platform for industry professionals to exchange knowledge, forge new connections, and engage in meaningful conversations. The participants’ dedication and enthusiasm were evident throughout the event, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation. It was inspiring to witness the engagement and interest displayed by all those involved.

The RESERVIST project has the potential to revolutionize emergency response efforts across Europe. By focusing on the development and enhancement of protective clothing and emergency infrastructure, RESERVIST aims to bolster the continent’s ability to handle critical situations effectively. The Final Event marked the culmination of years of hard work, research, and collaboration among dedicated professionals, all of whom share the common goal of improving emergency response capabilities.

Congratulations to all the participants of the RESERVIST Final event for their engagement and fruitful interactions. Let’s celebrate the achievements of the RESERVIST project and look forward to a future where emergency response is strengthened, lives are protected, and communities are safer!

Photos of the event are available here.