On 21 June 2022, Centexbel and Sioen presented the RESERVIST project at the TechTextil Forum Conference in Frankfurt (Germany).

The presentation focused on the production of sustainable textile protective equipment in case of spiking demand times.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown that several types of protective and medical equipment, products and services are crucial, including the ability to deploy them rapidly. Because of cost factors, these products, or at least critical components for them, are often produced outside the EU. Once things normalize, there will be a large pressure to return to that situation.​

The RESERVIST project aims to set up alternative lines called ‘reservist cells’, that can be activated within 48 hours, in order to switch easily from a day-to-day production line to one that focuses on products and services needed in time of crisis.

If you are interested in the presentation, the PowerPoint is available here.