From Month 6 to Month 15 of the RESERVIST project, STAM, together with other partners, has defined a general schema of business model to be applied to the different Cells and the whole RESERVIST ecosystem in the future. To do so, the RESERVIST network has been detailed into three levels or layers, namely: 

  • A “Coordination and Monitoring Level,” aimed to monitor the health and emergencies in general at global level, detecting them in advance; 
  • A “Decision Level,” intermediating between the market requests and the RESERVIST Cells, in both emergency and standby modes. Here, a commercial interface for the RESERVIST Cells and products will be established, together with the representative of the RESERVIST members; 
  • The “Operational Level” corresponds to the RESERVIST Cells, consisting of the product manufacturing companies and the other organisations involved as service providers. In the future, this level will include both RESERVIST partners and other organisations making part of their value chain in the perspective of setting up an extended network. Moreover, the goal here will be collecting other products and services and creating new Cells linked to an increased value proposition to face emergencies.

During this period, RESERVIST partners defined three different options for the RESERVIST Business Model linked to the network structure, with the final goal of maintaining the RESERVIST products and services after the end of the project. Two macro-schemas have been described and are reported in the images: the former is based on a prime contracting approach, the latter on direct payment from the end-user to the manufacturer, with a lighter involvement of the “INTERFACE.” According to the information gathered by the manufacturing companies participating in the project, the need to share the risk of increased production of emergency-related products was pointed out. To face this, a schema of “payment for preparedness” has been proposed, with the potential involvement of external organisations to share this financial risk, which is mainly related to keeping in high stock amounts of products for a potentially long period. RESERVIST consortium is currently in the phase of getting in contact with external authorities potentially interested in setting up collaboration in this direction.